Fiat 500E

Meet the Fiat 500E

There is no doubt that the Fiat 500 is brimming with character. Our electric conversion has turned this temperamental classic into a delightful daily driver. Our bolt in conversion kit is developed and manufactured in the UK.   We have spent a number of years honing our technology towards the Fiat 500. We have now produced something that truly is special.  Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Electric Conversion
Battery 21kWh
Range 120 miles
Motor 44kW AC Motor
Charging 160 nm 3.3kW Charger
Brakes Regenerative Braking
Heater PTC HV Heater
Extras Retro LCD head up display


We use low-mileage Tesla Battery modules in these builds due to their superb energy density and high quality.  A 21kwh pack will offer you a 120-mile range and the performance needed for the electric motor.  Tesla battery modules have been designed to go on for at least 500,000 miles. Our battery management system ensures these modules are in the best health throughout their life


A 3.3kw charger is located in the rear of the car.  The charge port is usually mounted at the front of the car. You can plug in at any public type 2 AC charging station and very easily from a 13a socket at home.  charge time from empty is just over 6 hours. A faster charging option is also available.

Charging port on Fiat 500E


The powerful 44kw-160nm Electric Motor single-speed drivetrain makes these cars really easy to drive.  Gear changes are not necessary.  The instant torque from the electric motor means you can keep up with modern traffic and still have a smile on your face.

Fiat 500e drivetrain


We have developed a unique head-up display which shows all the information you need to know. Our onboard Heater is also a great addition for those chilly mornings. We also offer and advise front disc brake conversions and uprated suspension.  Please get in touch for pricing of optional extras.

Interior of Fiat showing charge
Conversion Package for Fiat 500
Including labour

Conversion Package

from £28000 + VAT

  • Customer supplies car
  • 21KWh Tesla battery pack (100 mile range)
  • 44KW AC permanent magnet motor
  • Onboard 3.3KW Charger



Fiat 500 on Gold Hill, Shaftesbury
From our stock

Fiat 500E Complete

from £50000 + VAT

  • Complete stock Fiat 500e
  • 21KWh Tesla battery pack (100 mile range)
  • 44KW AC permanent magnet motor
  • Onboard 3.3KW Charger
  • Cabin heater
  • Heated front seats
  • Uprated brakes and suspension
  • Optional extras at clients request

Test Drive

Driving an electric Fiat 500 is a truly unique experience. Unlike a traditional manual or automatic transmission, electric drivetrains have maximum torque from zero rpm meaning the lack of gears provides a seamless driving experience. Regenerative braking is a feature that’s included in our builds, which means that the car can recapture some of the energy it uses to slow down or stop. This can help improve the car’s energy efficiency and reduce wear and tear on the brakes. Get in contact today for a test drive.